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MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet

In accordance with Regulation 1907/2008/WE [ REACH ] MSDS is a document informing about the risks and manage the risk arising from the use , handling and storage, and disposal of the substance or mixture. Under current EU rules and transport , international , every substance must have an MSDS or SDS , even if it is a dangerous substance (also cosmetics ) . The document is transmitted along the supply chain between the importer / manufacturer and the downstream user .

The overall objective is the function of SDS information about the potential risks arising from exposure to hazardous substances or mixtures , methods of minimizing risk , as well as what to do in case of an emergency situation . The data concern: how to use , use outside the application and first aid for the injured person , the conditions in the road transport ADR and IATA , data on environmental protection, the possibility of primary and secondary reactions are hazardous to people , equipment and the environment , etc.

The use of substances and mixtures ( also applies to all amenities ) , without the required safety data sheet for them !

Safety Data Sheets are used primarily by professional users engaged and are designed to enable them to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protection of human health and the environment.

The accuracy of the preparation and marketing of SDS responsibility of the manufacturer , its agent, or the importer of the chemical product (or cosmetic ) . In addition, the MSDS must be updated and completed in accordance with the provisions of the Act on chemical substances and mixtures thereof , with any change in the law.

With a specialized team of experts , laboratory DermiCos is able to ensure that the documentation developed country products will always fairly and in accordance with current regulations – both EU and national legislation. The cards are developed by experts in the industry.

We offer:

  • assessment held by the State Data Sheets for compliance with current regulations , together with the recovery plan prepared especially for your company,
  • development of data sheets based on the original data (recipes ) preparation of safety data sheets with the new rules for the classification and labeling according to the CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008,
  • ordering and reviewing tests necessary to supplement or create a new Data Sheets . Research commissioned in research centers certified GLP ( Good Laboratory Practice ) .



Safety Assessment, the cosmetics safety assessment of the multi-stage, complex procedure. The admission of a cosmetic product to sell decides Safety Assessor. An assessment of the safety of the product on the basis of relevant information.

The report must be updated in the event of the emergence of new scientific findings and toxicological data for the substance, as well as the changes in the recipe, raw material specifications, or changes in legislation.

The preparation of such a report assessing the safety of the Safety Assessor is the basis for the manufacturer to make a decision on the introduction of cosmetics for sale.

Laboratory DermiCos offers you the opportunity to draw up such a Safety Report. Based on information received from Member States, ie the product specification for individual components, and the results of testing of the finished product so our specialists. Safety Assessor will evaluate the safety and issue the relevant certificate so-called Safety Assessment for your product.